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The Sun has always been our greatest source of energy! Why not use it for your energy needs? The time is now! We all know that we can't be oil dependent forever. Hawaii has the highest energy costs in the whole nation! We are changing this scenario and you can too!

We can help you transform the Sun's energy into electricity as well as getting clean renewable water, growing your food organically, producing clean energy from other means! We are a green company based in Kauai with a mission to promote sustainable solutions for all of Hawaii. There are so many reasons to go green and sustainable, you will: save money by paying less for your electricity, get healthier by eating organic food, increase the value of your state, decrease your carbon footprint, save resources by recycling and consuming less. It feels great to be sustainable!

Sol Systems has a team of experts to help you achieve all your sustainable goals! We have been in this business since 2003 and we are passionate and excited about it! We are here to serve you with the highest quality of products and services! We are serious about our work and our customer's satisfaction.

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